Written by Sólrún Inga.

IMG 2126

This lovely artifact was discovered in the North-East corner of the area, close to a layer of peatash from the Viking age. This small artifact is made out of lead and weighs 13 grams. It is a led weight, used to evaluate the weight of materials for example for trading in the Viking age. But we do not know what sort of material was weight against it, perhaps it was silver.

It has an inscription, "+" on one side and "-" on the other. Or maybe it is "X" on one side and "I" on the other, the roman symbols for 10 and 1. It could possibly also have been used in some sort of a board game, maybe as a pawn in the traditional game of hnefatafl. It is without a doubt a very interesting artifact and it will be investigated thoroughly in the following weeks. If you have any comments or ideas about it then please use the comments below.