Silver bracelet

Written by Hrönn Konráðsdóttir.


A few weeks ago this gorgeous bracelet from 9-11th Century AD was discovered at Alþingisreitur. We just got some lovely photos of it now as it is being cleaned and conserved at the National Museum now. But there is a lot of work left as it is still very fragile and has to be handled with uttermost care.

Very few silver bracelets have been discovered in Iceland from this era. Two coiled ones were found in heathen burials and one in Skagafjordur which has similar triangular shaped decorations as this newly found one. It is also fastened in a similar way. The triangular shaped decorations have been quite commonly found on bracelets from the same era in north-eastern Scandinavia, it was stamped onto the silver. As this is a new find there is not much that we can say for sure about it, but in the following months it will be thoroughly researched.armbaugur2