Iron work and blacksmiths

Written by Hrönn Konráðsdóttir.

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On the 18th of August there was a yearly festival in Reykjavik commonly known as cultural night. The excavation participated with hourly guided tours of the site and old style blacksmiths were on the site working their trade. In the spirit of this event I want to write about the ironworking area that was found at Alþingisreitur during the excavations in 2008-2009.


Written by Sólrún Inga.

IMG 2126

This lovely artifact was discovered in the North-East corner of the area, close to a layer of peatash from the Viking age. This small artifact is made out of lead and weighs 13 grams. It is a led weight, used to evaluate the weight of materials for example for trading in the Viking age. But we do not know what sort of material was weight against it, perhaps it was silver.