Spindle whorl

Written by Sólrún Inga.


Last week a part of a spindle whorl was discovered during excavation, which was made out of red sandstone. Three parts of spindle whorls have been found during this summer’s excavation. They are all from around the 10th century AD. Spindle whorls from this era have been found around the country both in excavations and heathen burials. During the excavations at Alþingi a total of 12 spindle whorls have been recovered. They were made from wood or stone, imported as well as Icelandic.

Textile from the 9-11th Century

Written by Hrönn Konráðsdóttir.


img 1129

Textiles do not usually preseve well in the ground as they is usually made out of organic fibers, although some of the more modern textiles, like nylon and fleece are inorganic and will probably be perfectly preserved in future archaeology. Some conditions are good for the preservation of textiles in Iceland, preferably areas that are deprived of oxigen, like bogs and wetlands. The textile bits in the picture above were found the other day at Alþingisreitur and they are from the 9-11th Century AD.